Wirecutter A New York Times Company, Oct 2017

After consulting experts in lighting design and optometry, and spending 24 hours researching more than two dozen desk lamps and testing eight, we think the Eufy Lumos A4 Desk Lamp is the best LED lamp for working at a desk in a home office or for any other task that requires good, focused light. The A4 is one of the brightest lamps we tested, with some of the best controls for dimming. Eye doctors recommend using cooler light for tasks during the day and warmer hues at night, and the A4’s range of color temperatures is generous enough for most people’s needs. Using focused, direct light while you work or read helps reduce eye strain, and its adjustability and lamp design lets you avoid glare no matter how you angle the lamp. And the A4’s superior combination of features comes at a budget-friendly price, making it by far the best value of all the lamps we tested. Full Article