Sophisticated Lighting at Ameristar Blackhawk Hotel and Spa

 Examiner, Feb 2010

Ameristar Blackhawk Hotel and Spa Delights and Surprises

Open in late 2009, the Ameristar hotel and spa at Blackhawk features lighting design that is unexpected in a town best known as a day tripping casino destination. With a large hospitality portfolio, the Lighting Design Alliance of Los Angeles fashioned the lighting for the hotel and spa. Their design layers light with open and lensed halogen downlights, LED and fluorescent coves and wall grazers, and MR16 accent lighting to provide drama on art objects ranging from highly textured pebble walls to rustic twig sculptures. Each lighting type is individually controlled and set to a specific intensity level in a scene. Each scene combines different preset levels of light and is accessed through single touch wall stations with choices like “Cleanup”, “Daytime”, and “After Hours”. Using preset dimmed scenes to create mood is recognized a key when selling a hospitality experience. The controls systems for the project include ETC and Crestron wall panels. Full Article