Our Team

Lighting Design Alliance is a professional team that uses light as the basic element in the expression of architectural space. The company strives to heighten visual cues that the individual experiences within an environment and to manipulate perception to affect any number of intended psychological responses. Using a variety of related knowledge, with lighting as the unifying element, appropriate solutions evolve naturally. Whether it is architectural accentuation, energy savings, dramatic effects, or just comfort, each project is evaluated for its unique creative opportunity. Philosophically, the design intent is to create the proper environment by integrating the use of concealed light sources, natural light, and decorative fixtures. The careful integration of a collective design concept in every project guarantees success.

Chip Israel

Charles E. Israel, FIALD, FIES, LEED AP, LC

Co-CEO & Founder

Chip Israel is an internationally recognized lighting designer with over 35 years of professional experience. In 1992, he founded LIGHTING DESIGN ALLIANCE, a full-service architectural lighting design firm, where he built a highly-select team of lighting-design professionals who now serve a variety of clients worldwide. In addition, Chip works closely with the owners, design teams, and manufacturers to ensure lighting systems are fully integrated with the architectural design and exceed the owner’s expectations. He is also Past President of the IES and the Founder and Past President of the IALD Education Trust Fund.

Kyllene Jones

Kyllene A. Jones, LEED AP

Co-CEO & President

Kyllene’s wide range of award-winning projects and experience includes hospitality, retail, commercial, and master plan design within the US and abroad. As President and Studio Director, Kyllene establishes and maintains strong client relationships, sets project design direction and oversees resources to deliver successful, high quality and on-schedule projects. Kyllene also serves on the advisory board for the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Andy Powell

Andrew A. Powell, MIES

Vice President

From his architectural engineering education to his professional experience as a lighting designer and electrical engineer for over 32 years, Andy has acquired a rare set of skills which serve him well in his capacity as Vice President and studio director at LIGHTING DESIGN ALLIANCE. Thorough communication during all phases of design and construction is vitally important to the success of any project. In addition to careful coordination with the owner and architect, Andy’s unique background and experience allows him to communicate equally well with other technical consultants.